Regular Share Accounts (Savings)

Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union’s savings accounts are the beginning of a great relationship with your new Credit Union. A savings account allows you to save for the future, a rainy day, a chance to send your child to college or that new car. From automatic deposits to payroll deduction along with higher dividends than other financial institutions, AACFCU is a good place to save.

  • Minimum amount to open account is $5.00
  • One-time only membership fee of $1.00 per person
  • After initial deposit, a $5 minimum balance is required
  • Dividend rates are compounded and paid quarterly
  • Make up to 6 electronic withdrawals or transfers per month*
  • Set up automatic deposits of all or part of your paycheck at no charge

*Some restrictions apply. See Terms & Conditions for full account disclosures.

Christmas Club Account

Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union’s Christmas Club Account is a great way to save for the holidays! You can deposit funds either through automatic payroll deduction, automatic transfers or make deposits when it’s convenient for you throughout the year. The money from your Christmas Club Account will be deposited into your AACFCU savings account for you to spend on holiday purchases in mid-October. 

  • Minimum deposit of $5.00 in an AACFCU savings account prior to opening
  • No minimum age required to open
  • Dividend rates compounded and paid quarterly
  • Set up automatic deposits from your paycheck at no charge
  • Cannot be used as loan collateral
  • Subject to $10.00 fee for any withdrawal prior to the scheduled withdrawal date

Kirby Kangaroo Club Account

Kirby Kangaroo Club is a savings program designed for kids 12 and under. Kirby teaches kids why it is smart to save. They can play cool games, read about Kirby’s adventures, check out the jokes page or if they are feeling artistic, print out one of the coloring pages at the Kirby website . Kirby Kangaroo makes learning about money fun! A quarterly newsletter and birthday card are mailed to your child because they are a member of the club. Plus, when they come in to make a deposit, they have the chance to pick a prize from the treasure chest. Call or visit the nearest branch to set up a Kirby account and help your child become more financially savvy!