Share / Certificate Loans

Share Secured Loans

Use your share account to secure a low-interest loan with up to 60 months to repay. It’s a smart way to meet an unexpected expense without touching a penny of your savings or to begin building a positive credit history. The interest rate on your loan is only 2% above the current share rate. Plus, your savings will continue to earn interest, reducing the actual cost of your loan – just one smart way to borrow money when there is a need.

Certificate Secured Loans

If you have a share certificate but need some extra cash, no need to worry. AACFCU’s certificate secured loan may be the answer. By borrowing against your certificate, you avoid having to pay early withdrawal penalties, you continue to earn interest on your investment and you pay a low rate on your loan. Your loan interest rate is only 2% above your current certificate rate. You still earn interest on your money. Call today for information on a certificate secured loan.