Online Banking Enrollment

  1. Contact us, in branch or by phone to retrieve your username and temporary password.
  2. Once you have your temporary password, proceed to our homepage,
  3. Input your member number and temporary password. For your initial enrollment only, your username will be your member number.
  4. You will then be prompted to create a unique username and password and to complete the login security process (see below).
  5. You are all set!

Online Banking Login Security

You will also be asked to provide a phone number or email that you have available to you at that moment. We will immediately send an access code to your phone (via an automated phone call or SMS text message) or an email address for you to enter to verify your identity and complete your login/registration.

You can opt to have the computer you're on to remember the security passcode (select “Private”), so you do not need to repeat this step each time you log in. We recommend that you do so only on computers that you personally own and that have the latest updates and virus protection software installed. However, you must obtain a new access code for each computer or mobile device (that has been selected as “Public”) you use to log in that is not remembered on the system.

To obtain your temporary password or if you need assistance, please contact us at 800-448-4096.