Overdraft Privilege

In the past, AACFCU was allowed to cover your overdrafts for you as a courtesy to you as a member. Regulation E now requires you to tell us if you want us to cover overdrafts on your ATM or debit card. If you opt-in to Regulation E, then you authorize AACFCU to cover any transaction(s) using your ATM or debit card that will overdraft your account. This allows you to continue with your purchase rather than having your ATM or debit card declined and suffer potential embarrassment. When we authorize the purchase(s) that would cause the overdraft(s), you will be charged a non-sufficient funds fee for each transaction. You can opt-in or opt-out at any time by contacting AACFCU.

To opt-in or opt-out log in to your Internet Account Access and click on the secure form located under the Online Forms tab or visit any AACFCU branch.