Dixie Phone Banking

With Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union’s Dixie Phone Banking, you can access your account automatically with a telephone call at anytime – day or night. Follow the instructions below for information on all your accounts.

How to Access:

Call the toll free number 800-448-4096 or your local number, select option 1 and then you will be asked to enter your account number and your authorization number. The authorization number is a four digit code of your choosing. If you do not have an authorization code, please call or visit one of our branches to set up the code prior to using the Dixie Phone Banking.

Dixie Menu Options:

  1. Select Account (balances, deposit information and account activity)
  2. Transfer Money (transfer to and from account, loan payments and withdrawal by check) 
  3. All Account Balances (available balance on all accounts)
  4. General Information
    1. Hours and Locations
    2. ATM locations
    3. Promotions
    4. Lost / Stolen Cards
  5. Not a valid selection
  6. Not a valid selection
  7. Not a valid selection
  8. More Choices
    1. Lost / Stolen Cards
    2. Not a valid selection
    3. Change a PIN
    4. Log in to another account