Mobile Deposit Capture

Mobile Deposit Capture is an exciting, convenience service for Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union (AACFCU) members. The iPhone and Android mobile apps available on your smartphone allows you take a picture of a check and deposit it in to your checking or money market account (after acceptance by our accounting department). Simply download our mobile app on your iPhone or Android mobile device, or upgrade to the latest version of our app to access this free service. In order to use the feature you will go through an approval process. On initial login to the Deposit Checks feature you will need to read and accept the disclosure and agreement, then an application for access with be automatically sent to AACFCU. Within 1 business day of your application you will receive a response from AACFCU about Mobile Deposit Capture, via email. If you currently do not have E-Statement, please sign up before you apply for Mobile Deposit Capture. 

The following requirements must be met for an account to be granted access to the Mobile Deposit Capture service:
  • You may deposit in to checking or money market accounts.
  • Checking or Money Market Account must be opened for at least 30 days.
  • The address on file with AACFCU must be valid.
  • Youth accountholders are eligible for Mobile Deposit (No Kirby Kangaroo Club accounts).
  • Any member that meets all requirements and is requesting access for this service will automatically be signed up to receive E-Statements if not previously registered. 
Please see Frequently Asked Questions for a complete list of requirements and more information on the Mobile Deposit Capture service.

Note: A valid email address is required to receive all Mobile Deposit Capture notifications. To update your email address, you must first log in to your Internet Account Access and click the My Profile link in the top right corner.

Mobile Deposit Capture Limits:

$1,000 - per Item Deposit Limit
$2,000 - Daily Deposit Limit
$20,000 - Rolling 30 Day Deposit Limit

Cut Off time: 

Any deposit received after 10:00 am CST will be posted the following business day. Deposit time is based upon receipt of deposit by AACFCU’s system. 

How to use Mobile Deposit Capture:

First time Mobile Deposit Capture users: 
  1. Download our iPhone (App Store) or Android (GooglePlay) app on your smartphone device.
  2. Log in to the app and confirm your identity, if prompted. 
  3. Click Deposit Checks. 
  4. Read and Accept the Mobile Deposit Capture disclosure and agreement. Within 1 business day of your application you will receive a response from AACFCU about Mobile Deposit Capture access, via email.
First Time Log in After Approval:
  1. Log in to the app and confirm your identity, if prompted. 
  2. Click Deposit Checks.
  3. Select the Checking account, if not already selected, by clicking To. Then choose the account from the dropdown menu.
    Please Note: the money market account is selected by default. 
  4. Enter the amount by selecting Amount and when the numeric keypad appears, enter the amount of check. Click Done.
    a. Ensure that the amount matches the amount written on the check and does not exceed our maximum deposit limit of $1,000.00.
    b. If you are depositing multiple checks, it cannot exceed the daily deposit limit of $2,000.00.
  5. Click either the word Front or the orange camera icon to take a picture of your check.
  6. Align the check within the box. Take the picture of the check in a well lit area on a flat surface with a dark background and avoid shadows.
  7. Click Keep picture, if all edges are shown and the amount and routing number is clearly visible, or Retake picture if needed.
  8. Repeat process to take a picture of the back of check. Do NOT forget to endorse the check. Make sure when you endorse the check you also write "For Mobile Deposit".
  9. Click Deposit. 
What to do with the check after deposit:
Wait until your deposit has been posted to your account, usually within 1-2 business days, and verify it on your next statement. Please check the disclosures regarding retention of your original check - you must securely store the original check for 60 calendar days after transmission to us and make the original check accessible to us at our request.Even though you have verified the deposit on your statement, we recommend you retain your original check for 60 days. A good practice is to write MRDC (or some other note) on your check (after you make the deposit) to remind you that the check has already been deposited. A check that is deposited more than once will result in a returned check fee and potential overdraft fees. 

Helpful Documents

Mobile Deposit Capture - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Mobile Deposit Capture - End User Agreement