SNAP Loan Payment

Update Announcement: As of July 24th, you will be required to re-register in our new SNAP loan payment center. You will be able to use your previously registered email address and password, if you wish to do so. Once registered in the new system, you will continue to come to this page to log in to the SNAP Payment Center. You will not be able to bookmark a direct link to the site.

Make your loan payment in a SNAP with our SNAP loan payment service. Are you concerned your payment will be late? Do you need to transfer money for a loan payment with AACFCU from another financial institution’s checking or savings account or credit or debit card? For a small fee of $8 per payment, you can take care of that payment now.

SNAP loan payment service is a tool to keep from being late on a payment when drafting a non-AACFCU account or if you are late and need to satisfy a request from our collections department. This is not meant to replace transferring your payment amount from another AACFCU account which at this time does not have a service fee associated with it. The SNAP loan payment service does have a service fee of $8 each time you use it. 

Please contact us at 800-448-4096 if you have further questions about this loan payment service.